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Our company was founded in November 2000 by the spouses Zlatana and Mihajlo Mihajloski. The beginnings are modest, it all started with a small plant for the production of deli meats. On September 3, 2009, the construction of a new and state-of-the-art Karnem production facility in the village of Zubovce was begun which started working on July 2, 2012. It is located in a clean and ecological environment, under the slopes of Shar Mountain. Our product range includes durable, semi-durable and fresh meat products.
Quality policy:
The quality policy of the Karnem LLC stems from the strategically determined commitment to produce quality products as the most appropriate way to establish itself as a leader in the domestic and regional markets. MIT Karnem achieves this by continuously implementing and regularly improving the QMS (Quality Management System), in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001-2008 standard, which includes:
  • Determining and managing the processes that contribute to satisfying the wishes and needs of consumers, through the production of quality products delivered within agreed deadlines;
  • Continuous modernization of equipment, information systems and training of employees according to their competence and knowledge;
  • Achieving a leadership role of management by defining the quality system, providing resources and creating an environment that encourages all employees to achieve the set goals;
  • Active participation of employees in the development, planning, implementation and evaluation of all activities in the business process;
  • Continuous improvement of product quality by improving all phases of operation: procurement, production and distribution;
  • Developing partnerships with suppliers;
  • Operation in accordance with the positive legal regulations, with special emphasis on the safety and health of end consumers.
Every employee at MIT Karnem must be familiar with quality policy, understand, accept and respect it as a permanent principle in their work.
Information about Our company
KARNEM LLC import –export v. Zubovce, Municipality of Vrapciste
Name: Meat Industry with Trade KARNEM LLC Import-Export v. Zubovce, Municipality of Vrapciste
Legal form: LLC Limited Liability Company
TIN: MK 400 7003 124 460
Identification Number: 573 81 64
Bank account: 380 300 538 700 168
Depositor Bank: ProCredit Bank AD Skopje
Address: SETTLEMENT WITHOUT STREET SYSTEM no. 1 Economic Complex Zubovce, Vrapciste
Republic of North Macedonia
Administration: + 389 42 221 395
Production: + 389 42 221 396